Outsourcing helps in reducing the cost of service. As a result the return of investment is fast. Outsourcing also helps in stretching your dollar far more.

At SamePage Information Solutions, Inc., our holistic approach incorporates 'system thinking'. We do not engage clients unless we strongly believe that we will be successful. In addition to the obvious (economics and IT related expertise), this means that we have a strong preference for a good cultural match, complimentary management, risk management with sound contingencies and an unencumbered communications model.

As projects unfold, we keep our clients 'in-touch', monitoring project progress 24/7, in real-time, via our US-based Outsourcing Coordination Center. It's our unique approach to offshore that insulates our clients from the typical offshore nuances, minimizing inherent communications and management problems of offshore development while offering benefit opportunities that are actually achievable.

Benefits from outsourcing : Typical Projects that benefit from outsourcing :
Reduced Costs Re-architecting projects
Improved Time to Market New application development
Multinational knowledge base and experience Maintenance and support
Ability to serve multiple locations Data cleansing
Project de-risking to create innovative solutions Application porting
Greater Flexibility and Availability of Diverse Technical Talent Product development
Rapid and Concurrent Development Capabilities ? 24 hour cycle Technology porting
Economic Value without Compromising Quality


We will provide the right candidate for your consulting needs. We do this by doing a thorough screening process, which includes technical tests and communication tests. Our consultants fees are also very competitive.

We spend time with our consultants to prepare them for the job. We use the experiences of our consultants at various clients to share there valuable experience to all the other consultants. We also take care of training out consultants periodically so that they stay in touch with the latest developments in their fields.